About Leveraged Momentum

Leveraged Momentum is a proprietary investing system that seeks to beat the market over the long term by buying assets that are more likely to increase substantially in the near future and selling and avoiding assets that are less likely to increase in the near future. By doing so, the system also seeks to recover quickly from the inevitable corrections, bear markets, and other declines that will occur.

About Leveraged Momentum, LLC

Leveraged Momentum, LLC, develops and offers correspondence courses, a newsletter, and other information products to teach investing principles and the Leveraged Momentum investing system which seeks to beat the market over the long term.

About Pete Nikolai

Pete Nikolai is the founder of Leveraged Momentum, LLC, and the developer of the Leveraged Momentum investing system. He also is the author of the Leveraged Momentum Update newsletter (since 2015) and is in the process of developing the Leveraged Momentum Investing course.

Pete has been in the book publishing industry since 1991, working in a variety of roles including sales, product development, and management.


Leveraged Momentum, LLC, and Pete Nikolai are based in Nashville, Tennessee. We welcome your comments, questions, or other feedback on the LevMo Facebook Group. Pete can also be reached via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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